Extra free services

Available ONLY to those enrolled in the program:

  • Housing and visas: we provide orientation and assistance, as needed.
  • Academic tutoring (extra help with your Spanish): you may be assigned a tutor to help you with Spanish in case of difficulties or special needs.
  • Auditing regular classes: possibility of sitting in at least one of the courses from the Basic Study Cycle or the Center for the Humanities.
  • Language exchange: exchange your language with a Colombian student in campus.
  • Extracurricular activities: outings to museums and places of interest in and around Medellín; musical and sports events; and more!

Open to all!

  • Clubs: we offer Conversation, Grammar, and Culture clubs for free (these take place everyday from 12 to 1 pm in room 406, builidng 9).

The UPB, a 79-year-old institution with High Quality Accreditation, and our Spanish program offer you:

  • A flexible curriculum
  • Flexible schedule and start & end-of-course dates
  • Experienced teachers
  • Intensive and semi-intensive class
  • Academic tutor and conversation partner
  • Lowest rates for group classes
  • Cultural activities
  • Great facilities
  • Conversation club
  • Grammar club
  • Culture club
  • Leadrship workshop
  • Poetry workshop

Join our ESPEX Program now! A program made to meet your personal needs and expectations! Our main campus is in Laureles, but lessons can be set up at our El Poblado house, too. The UPB also has campuses in Bucaramanga ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and Montería where the program can also take place.

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