Registration process

A. For in-place applications:

  1. Agree with the coordinator on the type of course, the entry level (according to placement test), and the number of hours to be paid.
  2. Deliver a copy of the main page of your passport, one copy of the page where the entry stamp or visa status is found, and one copy of your affiliation to a health service company (only the first time).
  3. Go to the Department of Continuing Education (building 3, 1st floor) to have your personal data entered to the system (only the first time) and your bill prepared.
  4. Pay by debit or credit card (directly in the Department of Continuing Education) or by cash (at one of the cash windows in Campus).


B. For applications from abroad:

  1. Send the coordinator a pre-registration form you will have been sent previously and a scanned or faxed copy of the main page of the passport. Make sure to include address and phone number correctly.
  2. Do the payment at the nearest Citibank branch office upon reception of invoice on the part of UPB (the coordinator will send you procedure details).
  3. Send the coordinator a scanned copy or fax of the bank receipt (proof of payment). Make sure to include clear full name and the word ESPEX.

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