Visa registration requirements

If you are reading this from abroad:

If you are planning to enroll for less than 6 months, you must enter the country on a PIP-2 status (except for students from the Schengen area). In order to get it, you must show the Migración Colombia officers upon arrival an invitation letter from our school. You will be granted 90 days upon entry, which you can extend to a maximum of another 90 days. To prepare the letter, please send the coordinator a copy of your passport. 

For longer stays, you should apply for a TP-3 or student visa prior to your coming to Colombia (click here to visit the official visa application site). Contact the coordinator for further assistance.


If you are already in Colombia:


You probably entered the country on a PIP-5 status (or tourist status). If so, it must be changed into the PTP-2 status (except for students from the Schengen area). To do so, you must go to the Migración Colombia main office in Medellín (Calle 19 No.80A-40) prior to the start of the program. Depending on your case, you might need to change your PIP-5 into a TP-3 or student visa. This can ONLY be obtained from the Visa Coordination Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogotá, although there is a previous online application process. You do not have to travel to Bogotá in person, but your passport does. The coordinator may explain any of these processes in detail, as part of our free assistance (UPB does not process any visas).


If you have any other type of visa, contact the coordinator to analyze your particular situation.


To apply for a TP-3 visa:

Go to this site:

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